LoveMath™ is an award-winning web-based math program for grades K-5.  In our groundbreaking application, each grade has 150 lessons with real instruction and over 10,000 practice problems for use as supplemental learning materials. Teachers love the gamified experience, which motivates students to excel in their math lessons and quizzes. Learners are rewarded for their effort and performance, and teachers can rely on LoveMath™’s animated learning coaches to instruct and encourage students.

LoveMath™ exceeds the National Common Core Standards, and all lessons use Concrete, Representational, and Abstract problems to properly instruct and assess the learner’s knowledge levels. Adaptive algorithms in our Drill and Practice create a smarter and more efficient study environment for the students. A private social network allows teachers, students, and even parents to communicate on every child’s status securely. Personalized Learning enables the most effective math learning product available today. It’s always the right time to LoveMath™!

“We loved the LoveMath™ program! All feedback was very positive, and the teachers used it whenever they had computers available. I had parents comment that they could see that their child’s math confidence and skills improved during our six week summer program.

Ann TedescoOdyssey Elementary Director

“The beauty of LoveMath is that it is an effective classroom tool that reaches every child and personalizes their math education.”

Dr. Kelley WaldronHead of Lower School, St. Andrew’s School

I like using the app with my students because it is very engaging and It brings the math standards to life.  It takes them outside of just using a textbook in order for them to learn math skills that will guide them along the way to becoming lifelong learners.

My students find the app to be very fun and exciting. I think at times they don’t realize that they are actually learning because of the fun that they are having while using the app.

Latanja S.4th grade teacher

“I love that I don’t have to grade papers while my kids use this program for math. The characters who guide the lessons are fun, and my kids are learning a lot. Thank you!”

Jennifer T.Teacher/Mom